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to live resilience

Well, good morning! It’s been three months since I have written a post. Some blogger I am, huh. A lot has happened in three months hasn’t it. Our world has changed. Some think for the better. I wish I could … Continue reading

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moving pictures

Yesterday, oldest granddaughter, Eloise, all of 3 going on 30, and I had a matinee movie date. We went to see Pixar’s “Inside Out”. It is a magically creative and fun adventure that takes place inside of the head of … Continue reading

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some gospel musings

Today is Good Friday. A day when millions of Christians all over the world observe, remember, give thanks for, and consider the crucifixion of Jesus. Notice I didn’t say celebrate. That word just doesn’t seem to fit. We celebrate one’s … Continue reading

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moon moment

It’s Friday the 13th, full moon, and I’m sitting on the deck of our beach house (ours in the sense that we have rented it for a week!) watching this big beautiful ball rise over the gulf. The glare from … Continue reading

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Grace Received

The piece below was written several years ago.  This month marks the 22nd anniversary of my mother’s death.  I still miss her…. I listened to the answering machine for the third time.  She’d asked me to call if I ever … Continue reading

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Wise enough to yearn

The last time I wrote was Thanksgiving Day. I was listening to Christmas music, eager to celebrate the holidays. Today as I write, I’m a bit weary, but joyfully satisfied, from all the celebrating. We had more company this year … Continue reading

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Christmas came early this year

I haven’t posted in a while.  I’ve been immersed, body and heart, in Advent.  Yes, today is Thanksgiving and the first Sunday of Advent isn’t until this coming Sunday, December 1.  But Christmas came to my family early this year.  … Continue reading

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seeing jesus

I arrived early in the morning to begin my day as chaplain on duty. After checking in I made my way to the pediatric chronic care unit to check on Martin. Martin was thirteen years old and, due to many … Continue reading

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Remembering into memory

What is your earliest memory? I’ve read that around 3 is about the time memory can kick into action as that is about the point in our development when we discover we’re our own persons. Hmm, it took me much … Continue reading

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