moon moment

It’s Friday the 13th, full moon, and I’m sitting on the deck of our beach house (ours in the sense that we have rented it for a week!) watching this big beautiful ball rise over the gulf. The glare from from my ipad is no match for the intensity of the moon’s reflective intensity scattered over the shoreline. I’ll take a picture with my phone, but it won’t do justice. The stars twinkle awe at it’s beauty. My husband and I have now been at the beach with our daughter, her husband and their two precious girls (they each shine a light into the lives and hearts of Tom and me) for 5 days. Five days of a 7 day vacation we have planned for months. A week that is flashing by like the speed of light. I wish I could freeze time and watch this moon and keep my family this close forever.

I understand that this full moon, in June, on Friday the 13th, is the first of its kind in over a hundred years. A long time in my frame of reference, but I suppose a blink of the eye in the history of being. Most things are a matter of perspective aren’t they. But here I sit, on this particular evening, watching the moon while my dear loves sleep, perhaps to the sound of the waves, steady and gentle in their rhythm. And I feel both a joy and a peace that stems from a gratitude for being able to witness and appreciate beauty that I cannot understand, and love that is so strong It aches deep in my heart. Oh, if I could just freeze this moment.

But even as I observe this big and mysterious moon in all it’s glory and beauty I see that time passes whether we want it to or not. And with the passage of time, things change, again whether we want them to or not. As each moment ticks on the clock (although the clock in “our” beach house is broken…hmmm) and the moon rises higher and higher, it has changed from a deep hue of yellow/orange to pale ivory. It is whitening with each second, and it’s reflective light is ever more expansive over the gulf waters, giving them an opal like iridescence that stands in stark contrast to the usual murkiness of the daytime Texas gulf waters. A magical bright spot in the midst of the darkness of night.

As much as I want to freeze this moment I realize how foolish that would be. For that would take all the life out of it. All the mystery. Time indeed does march on, and things do change. Eventually my sleepy eyelids will win the demand for me to go inside and give my body a much needed rest. And things will be different somehow in the morning light. But the good news, no the great news is, that the mystery and the wonder of life will remain. Maybe there will be clouds or thunder over the horizon. Or maybe it will be one of those glistening days at the beach. Whatever the change, there will be beauty to behold. And love. The love will be there on the morning light. Just as it has been in this big beautiful, century anticipated, Friday the 13th, June full moon.

May you experience the fullness of love in the midst of it all.

Something to chew on…


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Minister of Word and Sacrament, PC(USA). M. Div. writes. preaches. teaches. speaks. encourages, God is love.
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2 Responses to moon moment

  1. Jane,
    Oh you do have a gift of words! I could feel the beauty ofthat wonderful full moon in each word you wrote. So glad you had such a precious family time. There is no finer gift. You littles are precious, so glad you are close by and can watch them become the people God has created them to be.
    Much love,

    • Thank you, Janet, for reading the post and for the affirmation! Means a lot, especially coming from you, an amazing writer. Wouldn’t it be fun to go to a writer’s workshop somewhere fun! And yes, nothing sweeter than family. I continue to pray for you and yours sweet friend.

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