perspective in pink 

I’m sitting in a Catholic chapel tucked back on a busy street. I pass it every day, but today I sit in it’s embrace. It’s beautiful, crisp and clean with white, purple, pink, and gold. 

It looks like Kate Spade in spiritual architecture. 

Yet, this is not for show or fashion. This is a place of reflection, meditation, quiet worship and prayer. A place to simply be still and know that God is…

I’m here because there are so many people I know and love who are hurting. And, my heart hurts with and for them. Some are facing uncertainty. Some pain. Some loss. Some death. All burdens too big to carry alone. I want to fix and know I can’t. I can sit. I can pray.

I’m here because I’m aware of the fragility of life and humanity, and I want, no need to be re-minded of the orientation of leaning in to God’s loving presence in all things.  I need to re-member God’s manna comes for each day.

There’s such a peaceful awareness of God in this place. I can hear the cars rushing past, and wonder, if those driving by are awake to It as well. I’m skeptical about that.

I can hear the hums of mowers and I’m reminded of how ordinary life really is. And, how extraordinarily beautiful that truly is.

I’m here because it’s my birthday. 63. How did this happen?! I’m at once grateful. And surprised. So much joy, much more than I could possibly hope for. And, so much grace. Oh, so much grace!

I slept through so much of it. Rushing and fretting. Not slowing down to take it all in. To savor it’s richness. Please God don’t let me miss a second more. I’m here to have that prayer re-membered in my soul. 

What to do with my Now? I want to be a part of the beauty and do what I can to ease the pain. To do my part. To love with abandon. I don’t want to forget. I want to stay awake to it all. To be present. 

I don’t know what you are doing today. But, I pray that no matter what, you are wide awake. In the midst of whatever uncertainty, pain, loss, or joy you are experiencing, I pray that you will take a moment to re-member the marvelous, beautiful gift of grace you are from and to God and to the world. 

Something to chew on…

About isplainasjane

Minister of Word and Sacrament, PC(USA). M. Div. writes. preaches. teaches. speaks. encourages, God is love.
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5 Responses to perspective in pink 

  1. Dianna Thomas says:

    Happy birthday and a great big hug. Have missed seeing you and Tom. You do so much to help us feel Gods love. Life is such an incredible gift. Hugs, Sissy Sent from my iPhone


  2. Patty Huffines says:

    Loved this introspective, how true. We rush through life too quickly. I am with Pat today and she forwarded on to me. I love your Instagram postings and follow you there. Love, Patty

  3. Jo Swank says:

    Amen! Happy Birthday Jane!❤️

  4. Shana says:

    I know my family was one you lifted in prayer today. Thank you friend.

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