the forming of sand

Sandcastles…I marvel whenever I see one.
I’m inspired by their creators.

It takes an open mind, and more significantly, an open heart to create a sandcastle.
An appreciation of the world of possibility.

It takes imagination to create a sandcastle.
An ability to see what could be made with what is right here, right now.

It takes vision to create a sandcastle.
The ability to see the beautiful whole in the ordinary fragments.

It takes patience to create a sandcastle, because –
well,it takes time to create a sandcastle,
slow, deliberate, intentioned time.

It takes balance to create a sandcastle.
An ability to sense just how much water to mix with the sand.
Too much will end up in an over processed lump of sludge.
Too little will end up in a formless and easily scattered mess.

It takes work to create a sandcastle.
Down on hands and knees, in the grit kind of work.
Taking the heat and wind kind of work.

It takes generosity to create a sandcastle.
A desire to give of one’s self in order to provide
beauty for others to enjoy.


It takes vulnerability to create a sandcastle.
An awareness and acceptance that
at any time the creation might fall
due to an overpowering wave or an unfriendly foot.

It takes a willingness to forgive to create a sandcastle.
Mercy in the inevitable flaws.
A peace with fragility.


It takes hope to create a sandcastle.
The kind of hope that, when it all is washed away,
takes shovel in hand
and begins again.


It takes humility to create a sandcastle.
It occupies this space alone, but is part of the greater whole.
Beauty in the now, embracing eternity.

Seems to me that there is much to be learned about the art of
walking in faith from
the art of creating sandcastles.

Something to chew on…

About isplainasjane

Minister of Word and Sacrament, PC(USA). M. Div. writes. preaches. teaches. speaks. encourages, God is love.
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2 Responses to the forming of sand

  1. I love your both/and perspective here! Both very personal view of each particular element, and your over-arching view the whole process needs? Both a commitment to the work, and the allowance that finishing is not your purpose? Offers great opportunity to chew — thank you ❤

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