The need to chew

Some years ago I was preparing a message on the 23rd Psalm.  I read that shepherds take their flocks out early in the morning to graze and then make them lie down in (think green) pastures to chew their cud, metabalize what they have taken in.  This important time of processing also allows their body temperature time to cool down before they can safely drink water.  I don’t know if this is catagorically correct but it makes sense to me.  And it got me thinking.  Sometimes I will read something that is so rich with meaning or gives me so much food for thought (sorry), or I get so excited about something I’m hearing or seeing that I can’t process it all in the moment.  I need time and space to metabolize what it is I have just taken in before I can even figure out whether it is helpful or useful.  Basically, I need an opportunity to chew the cud.  And that is exactly what this blog will be about.  A place to ruminate about what I’m reading, hearing, seeing, experiencing.  A place to gain perspective on the ways God is speaking to me, moving in the world, moving in me and those around me. I hope you will join me.  Maybe together we can digest enough to deepen our faith and perhaps be a source of nourishment for others.  Chomp. 

About isplainasjane

Minister of Word and Sacrament, PC(USA). M. Div. writes. preaches. teaches. speaks. encourages, God is love.
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5 Responses to The need to chew

  1. I’ll be a regular follower and I’m looking forward to chewing the cud right along with you!

  2. Shana Conine says:

    Love it! We can chew together!

  3. Pam Hillis says:

    I look forward to chewing with you.

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